Missouri’s Food for America, started by farmer and former state senator Wes Shoemyer of northeastern Missouri, was formed to fight back against industrialized agriculture and factory farms.  We are a broad coalition of family farmers, environmentalists, food safety advocates, animal welfare organizations and concerned citizens who recognize the long-lasting, damaging effects of the “Right to Farm” amendment and are working to educate the public to vote NO on Constitutional Amendment 1 on August 5.

Missouri’s major papers urge you to vote NO on 1. Read more…

  • Myth

    Missouri farmers are the real beneficiaries of Amendment 1.

  • Fact

    Amendment 1 will result in costly litigation over which farming practices are allowable based on constitutional rights. Only courts will be able to decide what is included in the "right to farm" - meaning the only thing ensured by Amendment 1 is more business for lawyers.

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