Get the facts on Amendment One. Download the fact sheet on Amendment One and factory farming here, and view the fact sheet on Amendment One and puppy mills here.

View a list of the myths and facts on Amendment One below.

  • Myth

  • Fact

  • Amendment 1 ensures Missouri's family farming heritage and protects family farmers' rights.

  • Amendment 1 would take current protections away - forbidding any state rules to protect agriculture and opening the floodgates for foreign corporations to buy Missouri farmland.

  • Missouri farmland will not be sold to foreign companies.

  • 50,000 acres have already been sold to a Chinese conglomerate. Amendment 1 will guarantee foreign corporations the right to own Missouri farm land and do as they see fit without any check and balance from the people or the legislature.

  • Amendment 1 will allow Missourians to retain control of their farmland.

  • Amendment 1 will remove any checks or balances from Missouri voters or the legislature. Food safety, the environment, animal welfare, and local control will be pushed aside - effectively letting China and other foreign countries control what happens in our towns and counties. And since the law will be written into the constitution, we won't have a say to change anything.

  • Amendment 1 will improve our farmland and environment.

  • Amendment 1 will strip most local governments of their ability to stop foreign companies from polluting and contaminating our land. In China, over 40% of their farmland has been degraded due to corporations maximizing profit over environmental protection. Amendment 1 will enable similar exploitation of Missouri's land.

  • Amendment 1 will generate significant economic benefits for Missouri farmers.

  • The only economic benefit Amendment 1 will generate is Missouri money in the pockets of foreign corporations. The Chinese executives acquiring Smithfield Foods - the world's biggest pig producer, with operations in Missouri - received almost $600 million.

  • Amendment 1 is just about Missouri farms.

  • Amendment 1 is being pushed by special interests opposed to Missouri laws that crack down on abusive puppy mills. Voters and then their elected representatives acted to set standards of care for large-scale dog breeding operations. The puppy mills want to hide under a “Right to Farm” measure that would prevent any future restrictions.

  • Missouri farmers are the real beneficiaries of Amendment 1.

  • Amendment 1 will result in costly litigation over which farming practices are allowable based on constitutional rights. Only courts will be able to decide what is included in the "right to farm" - meaning the only thing ensured by Amendment 1 is more business for lawyers.